2023 Kentucky Attorney General’s Office Training – Free

Cold case sexual assault investigations: Reopening cases, notifying victims

Pending-40 Hours Approved KLEC in-service hours.
This class will provide students with information on investigative factors to consider when reopening “cold” sexual assault investigations. The course will cover the investigative background work, including investigative planning, and skills. Additionally, the course will include interactive components that allow officers to (a) review and plan for their own cold case investigation, and (b) practice trauma informed notifications and interviewing with trained actors

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(Once complete, print certification and bring to first day of class)
(The required training is in the Investigation Section)
Working the Case I: Case Assessment and Review.
Working the Case II: Case Follow up Based on SAK Testing Results.

Dates & Location of training:
Aug 28th-31st, 2023
Richmond (DOCJT) EKU Campus Funderburk
4449 Kit Carson Dr, Richmond, KY 40475

Sept 25th– 28th, 2023
Louisville- (DOCJT) Shelby Campus
9001 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, Ky 40222

SAKI Trauma Informed Interviewing for Sexual Assault Investigations

24 Hour KLEC Credit
This course is designed to enhance an officer’s skills in interviewing sexual assault victims in a trauma-informed manner. The investigation of sexual assault cases can be hindered by the use of interrogation methods that revictimize reporters of sexual assault. The learning outcomes for this course will be to teach police officers how to (a) identify elements of trauma, (b) build rapport and trust with victims, (c) conduct interviews in a manner that will minimize revictimization, (d) use evidence-based practices (e.g., cognitive interviewing techniques) aimed at triggering memory and enhancing evidence, and (e) apply victim centered interview skills through a simulated interview with standardized actors trained in sexual assault reporting. Students will be made aware of the best practices in sexual assault victim interviewing and will have the opportunity to practice interviewing victims in a trauma-informed way.

Dates & Locations:
February (M-W) 20-22, 2023
Pikeville-Overlooks Event Center

891 Bob Amos Drive
Pikeville, KY  41501      Phone: (606) 444-5500

April (M-W), 10-12, 2023
Georgetown- 550 Bourbon St, Georgetown, KY 40324

May (M-W) 22-24th, 2023
Bowling Green-TBD

Aug (M-W) 7-9, 2023
Richmond PD-TBD