Cold Case Sexual Assault Investigations: Reopening Cases and Notifying Victims

Presented by Kentucky Office of the Attorney General and the University of Louisville – Free Training open to Law Enforcement Professionals – 40 KLEC Credits

Law enforcement officers will learn investigative factors to consider when reopening “cold” sexual assault investigations. The course will cover investigative background work, including investigative planning and skills. This interactive course will allow officers to review and plan for their own cold case investigation and practice trauma-informed notifications and interview skills with trained actors.

See the below flyers for more information about specific dates and locations!

April 15-18th, 2024 at Boone County Sheriff’s Office

June 17-20th, 2024 at Paducah Police Department

September 16-19th, 2024 at Ashland Police Department

For any questions, contact:

Jim Root
Law Enforcement Instructor III