Julie Parker Communications Training Options for Public Safety

  • Public Information Officer Fundamentals for Public Safety: Designed for public information officers and leaders who oversee public messaging but are looking to build a guiding strategy, this training blends social strategy, media relations, crisis communications, and positive PR. The course is built around our “run it like a newsroom” approach and culminates in a practical exercise on day two with mock news conferences.
  • Crisis Communications: This course is designed to prepare public safety leaders and PIOs for public messaging when crisis strikes, whether it comes in the form of a critical incident outside the organization or controversy directed at it. The course covers several related topics including messaging in real time through social media and winning the news conference from prep to post-conference.
  • Strategic Social Media Practices for PIOs: This course takes students through the use of social media strategies to tell their agency’s story, recognizing good news stories that resonate, and navigating negativity.
  • Leading through Crisis: From threats to the public’s safety to a police department being the focus of community anger, crises require a thoughtful, strategic response. This course focuses on preventing, mitigating, and responding to the many different challenges a police leader may face.

These two-day courses are $495 and would require a minimum of 20 people.  If anyone is interested in potentially sending their employees to any of these classes, please e-mail Chief Thompson at Jeremy.Thompson@elizabethtownky.gov