New Chief Mentoring


KACP & IACP New Chief Police Mentoring Program

Congratulations on your recent appointment. Few events in the life of a police agency are as critical, as visible, or as stressful as a change in leadership. The eyes of every employee, citizen, partner, and person on the governing body are focused on the new chief. How that moment is managed reveals the character and effectiveness of the leader, the organization, and its people. Leaders should move into a new position with a strategy for capturing the promise and energy of a new beginning.

With this in mind, the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police (KACP) has teamed up with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) New Police Chief Mentoring Project to provide transition assistance to new police chiefs through mentoring services. These services include the opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced police chief mentor from Kentucky to learn how they achieved success and resolved similar challenges.

Mentoring is defined as: A mutually beneficial relationship in which a knowledgeable and skilled veteran officer (mentor) provides insight, guidance, and developmental opportunities to an aspiring colleague (newer chief).

KACP and IACP are working together to ensure you are matched with a local mentor who is best suited for you and your agency. Mentoring partnerships can help you achieve personal growth and career development in several ways such as:

  • Support in identifying and achieving specific goals
  • Discuss options and methods for reaching goals
  • Review outcomes and best practices
  • Recommend valuable resources, training, and professional contacts

KACP is currently working with IACP to initiate this program. Look for more information on this process in the near future.


Shawn Butler

Executive Director, KACP