Weekly Legislative Update – January 5th, 2024



The Kentucky General Assembly launched the 2024 legislative session at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2024. The so-called “long” session will last until April 15.

As during past sessions, KACP will provide weekly updates on the legislation we are tracking, supporting and opposing. You can also follow the legislative activity through the Kentucky General Assembly website.

As of Friday, Jan. 5, more than 300 bills had been filed. Because the legislators no longer pre-file bills prior to the beginning of the session, KACP’s legislative team are still reviewing many of the bills that have been filed.


KLEPF Increase/budget

During the session, the legislature will also craft and enact a two-year budget. KACP has already met with Senate Appropriations & Revenue Committee Chairman Chris McDaniel, R-Ryland Heights, to discuss a potential increase in the annual KLEFPF training stipend. Further discussions are planned.

In mid-December, Gov. Andy Beshear delivered his budget address and called on the legislature to increase the stipend to $4,800 annually. However, it is important to point out that the governor’s budget is merely a proposal. The spending he calls for can be taken into consideration by lawmakers, but under Kentucky’s constitution it is the legislature that develops and passes the budget.

Pension Health insurance

KACP is scheduling a meeting with Sen. James Higdon, R-Lebanon, who is working on legislation that would increase the healthcare stipend for some law enforcement officers in the pension system. (Tier 1 who began participation after July 20003, All Tier II and III)

Crime bill

A wide-ranging crime bill is expected to be filed. KACP is reviewing a 68-page draft of the bill and will provide more information when the final version of the bill is filed. Dubbed the Safer Kentucky Act, among its provisions is a three strikes law to require a life sentence after a person’s third violent felony, along with increasing penalties for crimes like carjacking and fentanyl trafficking that causes an overdose death. It would also crack down on vandalism and allow businesses to use force to stop shoplifters.

The legislation would ban all street camping and prohibit the use of state money toward Housing First initiatives, which provides housing before enforcing other behavioral requirements.




HB134, taxing of retirement distributions

Sponsored by Ashley Tackett Laferty, D-Martin, the bill increases the retirement distribution exclusion from $31,110 to $41,100 for taxable years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2025. Awaiting committee assignment.

HB143, retirement benefits

Sponsored by Rep. Rachel Roberts, D-Newport, the bill would make changes to retirement benefits for members in the State Police Retirement System (SPRS) or in a hazardous position in either the Kentucky Employees Retirement System (KERS) or County Employees Retirement System (CERS) who are hired after Jan. 1, 2014, but before Jan. 1, 2025. Awaiting committee assignment.


SB32, driving under the influence of marijuana.

Sponsored by Sen. Johnnie Turner, R-Harlan, the bill creates a per se limit for marijuana concentration measured by a blood test. We are planning to meet with the sponsor to ask for some additional language we feel would be beneficial.  Assigned to Senate Judiciary Committee.




HB20, cost-of-living increase retirement benefits

Sponsored by Rep. Ruth Ann Palumbo, D-Lexington, the bill provides a one-time, 2 percent COLA adjustment for KERS nonhazardous and hazardous duty recipients and State Police Retirement System recipients. KACP is concerned the bill does not include CERS recipients and we plan to speak with the sponsor about making that change. Awaiting committee assignment.

HB45, privacy protection

Sponsored by Rep. John Hodgson, R-Louisville, the bill defines terms related to automated license plate readers, establishes limitations on the use and sale of data captured by the readers and defines terms and establishes limitations on the use of drones. Awaiting committee assignment.

HB142, nicotine products

Sponsored by Rep. Mark Hart, R-Falmouth, the bill requires the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to establish a vapor retail license and establishes penalties for under the age of 21 who purchase or attempt to purchase alternative nicotine, tobacco or vapor products. Awaiting committee assignment.

HB157, interrogation of children

The bipartisan bill sponsored by Rep. Keturah Herron, D-Louisville, and Rep. Mike Nemes, R-Louisville, prohibits a child from being interrogated using deceptive methods. Awaiting committee assignment.


SB45, missing adults

Sponsored by Sen. David Yates, D-Louisville, the bill requires KSP to create and operate the Kentucky Ashanti Alert System to provide public notification through the use of media providers and highways signs when an adult is missing and may have been abducted or kidnapped or may be in physical danger. Assigned to Senate Veterans, Military Affairs & Public Protection Committee.



Jan. 2: Opening day of 2024 KY General Assembly legislative session.

Jan. 15: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; legislature not in session

Feb. 19: Presidents Day holiday; legislature not in session

Feb. 26: Last day for introduction of new House bills

Feb. 28: Last day for introduction of new Senate bills

March 29 – April 9: Veto recess

March 12, 15: Final legislative days



As always, questions, suggestions, comments or concerns can be directed to Executive Director Shawn Butler, who can be reached at 859-743-2920 or sbutler@kypolicechiefs.org or KACP lobbyist Patrick Crowley, who can be reached at 859-462-4245 or pcrowley@strategicadvisersllc.com