Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police
(KACP) Membership Application

KACP Membership is valid from January 1st through December 31st of each year.

Apply By Mail:

To complete application by mail and using a check for payment:
Click Here to Download Application and follow instructions or you may complete the online application and pay by credit card by scrolling down.

If you need an INVOICE for agency payment email with your request.  Complete the application for each member to be covered by the invoice and Carol will send you one.

Mail your completed application and fee to:

KACP Membership
P.O. Box 206
Alexandria, KY 41001


Questions about membership applications receipt/payment or information contact:

Carol Ward, Admin Assistant
859-991-0661 or email: or



Apply Online:

Online Application

KACP Membership is valid from January 1, through December 31, of each year.

To complete the KACP Application:
1. Complete this form
2. Select "Submit" and you will be taken to a "Paypal Button"
3. Select your KACP membership type and Submit
4. You will be directed to the Secure Paypal Payment Page for Payment.

Membership Classifications & Requirement

Please check ONLY one of the following KACP memberships.

Active Primary Membership - $95.00 dues

  • The full-time chief law enforcement executive and seconds in command of any law enforcement agency in Kentucky.
  • The Sheriff and Chief Deputies of any Sheriff’s Department in Kentucky.
  • The agent in charge or assistant agent in charge of any federal law enforcement agency in Kentucky.
  • The chief law enforcement executive of major railroads operating in Kentucky.


Active Secondary Membership - $95.00 dues

  • The following persons shall be eligible to be secondary active members, may vote in any general membership election, but may not hold office.
  • Kentucky State Police Majors and Post Commanders.
  • Executive Command Staff Members of Sheriff’s Offices in Kentucky counties containing Cities of the First and Second Class.
  • Executive Command Staff Members of Police Departments of Cities of the First and Second Class.


Law Enforcement Administrative Membership - $95.00 dues

  • Full-time sworn law enforcement officers assigned to an administrative or supervisory position other than the Chief executive or seconds in command.
  • Full time personnel assigned to a law enforcement institution/training facility in administrative/supervisory capacity.


Life Membership - Dues Free

  • Once you submit you can close out the screen. Credit Card payment is not required. You will be notified when approved.
  • Active KACP member with ten (10) years continuous service or Past President prior to retiring or Life Members appointed prior to August 1, 2005 and in good standing with the Association at the time of their retirement.


Retired Membership - $25.00 dues

  • Active or Administrative member retired from law enforcement who is not eligible for Life Membership and in good standing with the Association. Retired active members may apply for Life Member status after ten (10) years continuous membership in the Association.


Associate Membership - $25.00 dues

  • Any citizen who supports the mission of law enforcement.

* All Law Enforcement Administrative, Retired, and Associate members have all KACP Association privileges except for the right to
hold elective office and the right to vote.

** All online membership payments will incur a $3 surcharge .

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