Cedar Creek Kennels 2023 Police K-9 Courses

Cedar Creek Kennels are proud to announce their 2023 Dual Purpose Police K-9 Course dates.

Cedar Creek Kennels is an elite Police dog training facility that produces strong, confident and successful Police dog teams. The trainers at Cedar Creek Kennels are Police K9 handlers with over 40 years of Law Enforcement experience.

Our handler course is a culmination of our experiences and observations training hundreds of Police K9 teams across the United States.

Through our experience training Police K9 teams, we identified that they all shared a common issue – a lack of initial training. Your agency is spending good money in your K9 program, so why not invest time in training that will produce the best K9 team possible that will deliver results.

We created our Dual Purpose Course to be a 10 week course that incorporates ALL aspects of Police K9 training to ensure that the graduates are competent, confident and are the best K9 handlers in the United States. There are no shortcuts, our course is not easy and there are no participation trophies or certificates for just turning up. We demand perfection from our handlers and the handlers must earn the privilege to graduate from our course.

You can see some examples of the elite Police dog teams we produce by visiting our Facebook page, Cedar Creek Kennels or visiting our website www.cedarcreekkennelsil.com


2023 course dates are:

COURSE 1 – 13 MARCH – 19 MAY 2023

COURSE 2 – 22 MAY – 28 JULY 2023

COURSE 3 – 31 JULY – 6 OCTOBER 2023



If you have any questions or you would like to arrange a site visit to inspect our kennels, our training facilities and to view our dogs, please do not hesitate in contacting our trainers.

Matt 309-351-1011 or Dave 309-509-2408 or email: cedarcreekkennelsllc@gmail.com.