Free Training – Below 100 – September 6-7, 2022

A Below 100 Training Class has been scheduled for September 6-7, 2022.   There is NO COST for this training and no registration. The training location is listed below and hosted by the Louisville Metro Police Academy.

Louisville Metro Training Academy
2911 Taylor Blvd
Louisville, KY
Tuesday September 6, 2022, 1230-1730

Wednesday September 7, 2022, 0830-1330


Below 100 is a National initiative to reduce the number of police officer deaths to Below 100 annually. The program was developed and sponsored by several national partners and is well-rounded training for new and senior officers as well as supervisors. In addition, if you have Court Security Officers (CSO) they are also welcome and will see the benefit.

The 5 Tenets of safety that will be discussed are:

  • Wear Your Belt
  • Wear Your Vest
  • Watch Your Speed
  • WIN – What’s Important Now?
  • Remember: Complacency Kills?

By concentrating on the areas of loss that are most susceptible to change (e.g. use of safety equipment and enhanced situational awareness), Below 100 can serve as an instrument of cultural transformation and improved operational practices. Below 100 recognizes that awareness and training are key and the targeted audience must be the change agents – the trainers and decision makers in organizations.

Together, we can get Below 100!
More information can be found at

Email:   to register  (Northern KY LEL)
(502) 229-8502